A philosophical science fiction and social satire, the great convergence will take you out of your comfort zone, exposing the absurdity of many ethical and intellectual ideals.
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10.000.002 A.d. A cantankerous scholar slipping into obscurity is out for revenge. He travels back in time to the year 2022 to stop his nemesis Scott — a successful scientist at a competing university from thwarting his research into the origin of a mysterious event — the great convergence.

Shrewd and relentless, Scott will stop at nothing to defend his tenure track. The feud quickly spins out of control and the damage to reality grows unchecked.
Caught in the crosshairs are three characters responsible for triggering the great convergence: an art-hating professional art critic who, unbeknownst to him, spontaneously switches between universes; a talentless artist whose sculptures act as trans-universal portals; and a schizophrenic astrophysicist trying to avert the invasion of alternate versions of himself from different realities.

As their paths converge, the inescapable tragedy of human existence unfolds.
★★★★★ MUST READ by Reedsy Discovery 
'This great convergence of comedy, absurdity, and philosophy leaves one shaking their head, hovering between incredulity and laughter.' 
Absurdism is an acquired taste, but this book is a lovely gateway to this delightful drug. The comedy is good, the philosophy makes you laugh and think, and the logic tries to convince you it works with a big mischievous grin on its face which tells you it's up to no good. A definite must read.
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