part #1 Pet-Thing:
The premise: a mad scientist, lord Bablah traverses the cosmos mansplaining the ‘wonders of progress and civilisation’ to his unassertive yet perceptive mutant sidekick, the Pet-Thing. 
part #2 Time Keepers
Elias, the junior time custodian, explains the inexplicable ● What is time? A Solution to the riddle ● The time industry and its convoluted history ● The unequal time distribution, and the reasons behind it ● The origin of time ● The secrets behind the time production ● And more!
Elias, the Staff Technical Officer of the Fumum Mortiferum Ltd. explains the inexplicable ● Squid cyborgs do things ● How much is a life devoid of purpose worth to a pteranodon? ● Poisonous vapours, toxins and other pernicious substances as a way of advancing civilisation ● Why one can never be happy without feeling unhappy ● And more!
part #4 Star Blast
Elias, the associate chief hunter of the Cosmic Liquidation Corps, explains the inexplicable ● In an overcrowded space, the spars must fight for their survival ● Lord Bablah saves the universe from itself ● What explosives, soft drinks, aphrodisiacs, embalming fluid have in common? ● Respect for tradition, long deceased ancestors and shooting planets
part #5 R-evolution
The mystery behind the cubical stars ● Qualcatezca, the guardian of sacred entropy makes a jarring statement ● The purpose of evolution, is there one? ● Lord Bablah explains the importance of keeping birds and spiders in cages ● Can the Pet-Thing evolve? ● Elias, the transmogrification coordinator of the Phylogenesis Institute, explains the inexplicable
part #6 Glory Eternal  
Elias, the interminable amplification administrator of the Unbounded Munificence Conglomerate, explains the inexplicable ● Herschel succumbs to a lizard king trying to secure a scientific sample ● Pet-Thing learns to appreciate things he previously took for granted ● Who is Rolf and why are there so many statues of him? ● Why is pee in the tap water free? ● Lord Bablah gives in to a sudden philosophical urge ● The spending habits of the wealthy as a way of saving humanity from itself
Existential agony for beginners
Journal of Conjectural Proceedings
A revelry of analytical defeatism
Apex Dialectician
A delightful guide to despair and derangement
The Cerebral Maelstrom Daily
A side-splitting prophecy of doom
Theoretician Between Jobs
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