A mad scientist, lord Bablah traverses the cosmos mansplaining the ‘wonders of progress and civilisation’ to his unassertive yet perceptive mutant sidekick, the Pet-Thing. 
Existential agony for beginners
Journal of Conjectural Proceedings
A revelry of analytical defeatism
Apex Dialectician
A delightful guide to despair and derangement
The Cerebral Maelstrom Daily
A side-splitting prophecy of doom
Theoretician Between Jobs
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Lord Bablah
A mad scientist, lord Bablah maintains an eerie research facility on a middle-sized and apparently-deserted yellow planet. To continue his study, Bablah must first investigate a puzzling correlation between his experiments and disastrous accidents taking place shortly after. 
A skilful research assistant, Herschel, goes missing whilst helping Bablah conduct one of his tests. Bablah makes several attempts to recreate his aide. Many deficient mutations follow, most of which are instantly carbonised by Bablah. 
Another failed attempt at recreating Herschel, the Pet-Thing is spared the gruesome fate of his fellow mutations, due to an incinerator fuel having just run out. Given the circumstances, Bablah decides to improve the hapless creature’s capabilities so he can serve him better. 
The Journey
To that end, Lord Bablah takes the Pet-Thing on a journey across the universe to teach him about the wonders of progress and civilisation. Should the strategy fail, the pet-thing will be relegated back to the incinerator to face a gruesome demise. 
Issue #2 Time Keepers
Elias, the junior time custodian, explains the inexplicable ● What is time? A Solution to the riddle ● The time industry and its convoluted history ● The unequal time distribution, and the reasons behind it ● The origin of time ● The secrets behind the time production ● And more!
Elias, the Staff Technical Officer of the Fumum Mortiferum Ltd. explains the inexplicable ● Squid cyborgs do things ● How much is a life devoid of purpose worth to a pteranodon? ● Poisonous vapours, toxins and other pernicious substances as a way of advancing civilisation ● Why one can never be happy without feeling unhappy ● And more!
ISSUE #4 Star Blast
Elias, the associate chief hunter of the Cosmic Liquidation Corps, explains the inexplicable ● In an overcrowded space, the spars must fight for their survival ● Lord Bablah saves the universe from itself ● What explosives, soft drinks, aphrodisiacs, embalming fluid have in common? ● Respect for tradition, long deceased ancestors and shooting planets
Issue #5 R-evolution
The mystery behind the cubical stars ● Qualcatezca, the guardian of sacred entropy makes a jarring statement ● The purpose of evolution, is there one? ● Lord Bablah explains the importance of keeping birds and spiders in cages ● Can the Pet-Thing evolve? ● Elias, the transmogrification coordinator of the Phylogenesis Institute, explains the inexplicable
ISSUE #6 Glory Eternal  
Elias, the interminable amplification administrator of the Unbounded Munificence Conglomerate, explains the inexplicable ● Herschel succumbs to a lizard king trying to secure a scientific sample ● Pet-Thing learns to appreciate things he previously took for granted ● Who is Rolf and why are there so many statues of him? ● Why is pee in the tap water free? ● Lord Bablah gives in to a sudden philosophical urge ● The spending habits of the wealthy as a way of saving humanity from itself
All issues available in Autumn 2023!
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